Resolution time

What is a resolution time?

Resolution time is the time in which a ticket gets resolved. It starts the second when a ticket comes into your helpdesk and ends when your agent or the customer hit the Resolve button. Sometimes, tickets gets resolved automatically by a Rule running on the background.

The most typical situation when a ticket gets resolved automatically is when a customer writes in about a question, customer support agent replies to the ticket and the customer never replies back. Usually a rule is triggered after a couple days of inactivity which in this scenario will resolve a ticket.

Frequently asked questions

What is Resolution Time?

Resolution time is the time from the customer's request until the case is fully resolved when the agent presses the Resolve button (sometimes this can be automatically resolved by a rule running in the background).

How can you calculate Resolution Time?

To calculate your solution time, divide the total time for all calls by the number of requests processed.

How to improve Resolution Time?

In order to improve the solution time, first of all, ensure quality customer service. Both agents should be properly prepared for their work and should have the right tools to assist in their work. Thanks to LiveAgent software, work can be automated, the agent can manage all communication channels from one place, and has access to reports.

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