Live chat support

What is live chat support?

Live chat is one of the tools of a help desk software that enables customers to contact you through your website.

Customers can start a new chat for support questions, issues, or any other type of communication with customer care representatives. Live chat provides a convenient way for them to do so, and for customer support reps to quickly address issues without escalating.

LiveAgent's live chat

When choosing the right help desk solution complete with a native live chat application, it is important to consider the speed of the live chat widget, as well as the functionality and advanced chat options. The faster the chat button widget loads, the faster you can convert your website visitors into paying customers. To learn more about live chat, check out this link.

How can I chat with customer service?

Customers can communicate with customer support agents in real time by utilizing a website chat plugin that is placed on the business’s site.

Do customers like live chat?

Both customers and businesses love live chat support because it’s quick, efficient, and cost-effective. With live chat, customers can get answers to their questions in a matter of minutes. Although the average response time for live chat queries varies from business to business and from industry to industry, it is a universally accepted notion that live chat queries should be answered significantly faster than emails and phone calls.

On top of that, many companies offer video live chat and other options that make it easy for both customers and support agents to quickly and efficiently address any issues.

If you’re ready to discover how you can improve your customer service with live chat, try LiveAgent’s free 14-day live chat trial.

Frequently asked questions

What does live chat support mean?

Live chat support is the ability to conduct a text chat between the client and the support team over the Internet. By using live chat, customers can send their questions about the products or services offered by the company and get answers very quickly. Live chat also automates and speeds up the work of the customer service team.


What are the elements of live chat support?

The most important part of live chat is that it allows you to communicate easily. In addition, it allows customer interaction and handling via emoticons, video sharing as well as voice messages. The important thing is that the client can start a conversation at any time and get an almost immediate response.


How does LiveAgent provide live chat support?

Live chat is an option available in LiveAgent. This allows customer service teams using LiveAgent to support customers in real time. It includes all the functionalities you need.


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