IT helpdesk

What is IT helpdesk?

IT help desk is a type of help desk provided by technical support in order to help customers with their IT issues, problems and to provide a combination of information technology services. So, the main purpose is to provide IT assistance and help.

The group of customer services representatives use help desk software to solve problems and queries. IT help desk stores contact for customers, manages requests (tracks and sorts them) and provide many other functions and features.

Frequently asked questions

What is an IT helpdesk?

IT help desk is a department within the organization that is responsible for providing support related to technical problems of users. Most companies set up helpdesks to quickly answer customer questions via email, phone, website or live chat. The IT help desk also provides assistance to other employees of a given organization.


What are the elements of an IT helpdesk?

The main elements of the IT helpdesk are incident management, i.e. everyday problems faced by users, problem management, i.e. more serious issues related to efficient technical operation, change management that arise when changes are introduced to the software that have a significant impact on its use. In addition to this, the main elements are the tickets they have to handle as well as the management of service requests.


Is there a way to improve an IT helpdesk?

There are some very important steps you can take to improve your IT help desk. First, define exactly what your organization and your customers need. By responding to the needs of both parties, you will create the best IT help desk.Put yourself in the customer's shoes and give them the best customer service experience. Automate actions and do not be afraid to use new technologies to achieve your goals (but not by force).


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