At LiveAgent, our mission is to create useful software that’s clean, functional, easy to use, and innovative. This mission statement also applies to our written content, visual media, ad copy, and slogans. We hope that our branding guide will help you understand our buyer persona, color palette, aesthetics, and editorial style guide– making our future collaborations smooth and fruitful.

Color palette

LiveAgent’s signature color is a rich, bright “California orange”, orange. 

How to use our color palette:

  • Orange gradient – buttons (chat buttons, learn more buttons, etc.)
  • Orange – logo, web elements (such as CTA widgets)
  • Grey – texts
  • Black – icons, headings, buttons
  • Orange cream background – backgrounds for different web elements, images, etc.
  • White – website background (white space), web elements
How to use our color palette:

Orange gradient
RGB: 255,189,57 to 250,149,49
CMYK: 0,28,88,0 to 0,49,90,0
HEX: #FFBD39 to #FA9531

How to use our color palette:

RGB: 5,5,5
CMYK: 75,68,67,88
HEX: #050505

How to use our color palette:

RGB: 250,149,49
CMYK: 0,40,90,0
HEX: #FA9531

How to use our color palette:

Orange cream background
RGB: 254,239,224
CMYK: 0,6,10,0

How to use our color palette:

RGB: 101,103,107
CMYK: 61,52,38,18
HEX: #65676B

How to use our color palette:

RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: 0,0,0,0

Logo use

Our logo designs are flexible. You can choose from two variations.

Logo use

Logo use


  • Keep the original proportions
  • Use the original logo files
  • Use the proper photo format
  • Use the right colors


  • Don’t stretch or condense the logo
  • Don’t re-draw the logo or create your own variations
  • Don’t use other colors
  • Don’t use a web download for a print publication or vice versa

Illustrations, images, and product screenshots

Our images, illustrations, and mockups are minimalistic and straightforward. Please always use high-quality product images, and if you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, please make a request, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the necessary imagery.


If you want to showcase how our products work in real-time, feel free to embed any of our product videos into your articles, blog posts, or reviews. 

Official YouTube channel

Editorial style guide

Buyer persona

To help you understand our target audience better and aid you in your writing, we’ve created a buyer persona.

Buyer persona

Richard Davidson
“I want to boost my team’s productivity and impact.”
Age: 32
Located in: Chicago
Job position: Head of Customer Success
Bio: Richard works in a successful eCommerce business that employs over 100 people. After work, he has trouble setting boundaries for himself and answers Slack messages and emails as they come. He feels responsible for the business’s success and tries to find hacks and innovative solutions to existing problems.

Wants & needs

  • Empower his customer support team to collaborate and make decisions independently
  • Improve CSAT, NPS, CES without re-inventing the wheel
  • Technology that can streamline customer requests and has an impeccable price to value ratio 
  • Technology that can automate support requests and save his employees time


  • Doesn’t want to go over budget
  • Doesn’t want to hire more support agents
  • Doesn’t want slow, complex tools that charge extra for every feature

Writing guide

As you’re writing and editing your content, please make sure that you: 

  • Always write LiveAgent together. Please do not write Live Agent or Live agent, as this is incorrect
  • Optimize the content for specific keyword(s)
  • Write content that contains an LSI keyword
  • Use facts (and link to sources)
  • Make sure you aren’t biased, and don’t use superlatives
  • Never use negative connotation about our competitors
  • Never create direct comparisons between LiveAgent and our competitors
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs that are easy to understand (No fluff!)
  • Use tables and graphs to compare different products/features
  • Use different formatting options: headings (h1, h2, h3 etc.), strong/bold text, bullet points, numbered text, etc
  • Create a table of contents that links to each section/heading of the article
  • Write actionable tips, statistics, or any other interesting facts that will provide value for the reader

Writing checklist

Before submitting your work, make sure that you’ve:

  • Provided a meta title and description
  • Checked/mapped keywords/synonyms/LSI that have some search volume
  • Provided alt tags, descriptions, and SEO friendly names for all used images
  • Checked your grammar using Grammarly 
  • Checked if your text is hard to read using the Hemingway app
  • Checked your overall formatting and paragraph length (no walls of text!)
  • Tested all links (No 404’s please!)

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