SLA compliance report

A SLA (Service-Level-Agreement) is an arrangement to meet targets for replying to the Tickets by your Agents (support representatives), for providing help to your customers.

Providing help based on service levels ensures that you’re delivering quantified and reckonable service. It also provides a more clarified view when issues appear.

SLA overview


If an SLA Level with the First answer due within 4 hours is created in LiveAgent for your Pre-Sale Department, then the Tickets which are applied to this SLA Level must be answered within 4 hours, during specified Business hours, otherwise, they will be marked as an Overdue.

SLA Levels

SLA Levels define SLA response times for answers of various types. Business hours can be applied to your SLA Levels with an option to exclude holidays.

Answer types:

  • First answer (for new tickets)
  • Second answer (for second and all following answers)
  • Chat answer
  • Call answer
SLA level

SLA Rules

SLA Rules and SLA Levels bring a dynamic and efficient system by which you can ensure you and your Agents (support representatives) provide answers to new Tickets in time.

SLA Rules can set SLA Levels to New Tickets (with specific conditions) or stop other rules.

List of conditions for SLA Rules:

  • Ticket source
  • Ticket status
  • Ticket created (date)
  • Ticket changed (date)
  • Ticket deleted
  • Ticket start referrer URL
  • Ticket priority
  • Last message
  • Assigned agent status
  • Custom fields
  • Ticket department
  • Ticket assigned to
  • Customer Group
  • Created from invitation
  • Ticket tags

List of actions of SLA Rules:

  • Change SLA Level
  • Stop other rules

SLA Rules can also be combined with Rules to escalate a Ticket which is not New.


Rules come in handy if you want to change SLA Levels for existing tickets.

In LiveAgent you can set up various SLA policies for multiple Departments.


SLA Compliance report

LiveAgent’s best help desk software offers a report of fulfilled and missed SLAs from a specific time range and Department. Individual entries can be sorted by Department, Agent, and Date. You can export the report to a CSV file.

SLA Compliance Report

SLA Compliance report display options (columns):

  • Date
  • Fulfilled
  • Avg. time – Fulfilled
  • Max. time – Fulfilled
  • Min. time- Fulfilled
  • Missed
  • Avg. time – Missed
  • Max. time – Missed
  • Min. time – Missed

Use SLA Compliance report with API

Use LiveAgent REST API to call values from SLA Compliance report.

SLA Log report

LiveAgent offers a log of fulfilled and missed SLAs from a specific time range and Department. Individual entries can be sorted by Requester, Ticket ID, SLA Start time, Department, Agent, Due date, Closed, and SLA remaining/overdue time. SLA Log can be exported to a CSV file.

SLA Log Report

SLA Log report display options (columns):

  • Requester
  • Ticket
  • Department
  • Agent
  • Level
  • SLA started
  • Due date
  • Closed
  • SLA

Use SLA Log report with API

Use LiveAgent REST API to call values from SLA Log report.

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