Twitter is a social media platform that’s often referred to as a microblogging website. Twitter users can interact with each other and send out short messages also known as Tweets that are limited to 280 characters. 

Twitter is a great platform for spreading information quickly, keeping up with current events, reaching new audiences, seeking feedback, contributing to discussions, and expressing yourself.

Why is Twitter customer support important?

Twitter has over 187 million daily active users worldwide. Many of these users use Twitter to share their opinions about products and businesses, ask questions, and provide feedback by sharing both negative and positive experiences.

Because Twitter is considered to be an “always-on” channel, customers (both existing and potential) expect to be acknowledged on the platform when attempting to contact a business. Oftentimes, businesses that fail to respond promptly and in a way that is satisfactory to the customer face backlash, cancel culture, and boycotting. 

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Because of Twitter’s nature, these negative experiences and backlash can spread like wildfire with thousands of people jumping on the bandwagon. As such, it’s extremely important to be active on Twitter in addition to being well versed in proactive customer service.

How can you provide prompt customer service on Twitter?

To ensure you’re notified about every Tweet that’s coming your way, you’ll have to use an advanced tool like LiveAgent. 

Using our Twitter integration you can monitor your brand and competitors. You can also respond to Tweets and comments that require action in a timely manner, as the system will notify you and convert each Tweet containing your tracked keywords, comments, and mention into a ticket.

Twitter ticket

What can you do with the integration?

  • Track brand mentions and keywords
    • Setup simple search terms and monitor & archive all tweets containing those terms in your database
    • Monitor all your brand mentions in real-time
    • Perform real-time social media monitoring of your brand
  • Connect multiple Twitter accounts
  • Answer Tweets, comments, and mentions from one place
  • Easily categorize and search your Twitter communication and customer comments
  • Automatically capture public mentions as Tickets

What does it look like/how does it work in practice?

Let’s say your company’s name is “Helicompany” and your Twitter profile is “@Helico”. Every Tweet or retweet that contains a mention of your company’s page (@Helico) will be automatically transformed into a Ticket.

In addition to that, LiveAgent can track custom keywords or keyword sets and transform them into Tickets as well. In this case, any Tweet that contains the keyword “Helicompany” will be tracked, transformed into a ticket, and land in your help desk system.

If you’re wondering whether your customers will be able to tell that you’re using an external tool to answer their Tweets and comments, the answer is no. Check out how it works in this detailed video tutorial.

Youtube video: How to Monitor Twitter with LiveAgent

How to integrate Twitter with LiveAgent

  1. Log in to LiveAgent
  2. Navigate to Configuration (cogwheel icon on the left menu bar)
  3. Click Twitter
  4. Click Twitter accounts
  5. Click Add Twitter account
Twitter connection
  1. A pop-up window will appear. Log in with your Twitter username and password and then click Authorize app.
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  1. Once your LiveAgent account is connected with Twitter, click on Edit to activate the account
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  1.  In the next screen check the “Status” checkbox
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  1. Select the department into which you want to route incoming Tweets, retweets, Twitter comments, and Twitter mentions
  2. Click on “Add new query” to define whose retweets you would like to convert into tickets. You can also add specific keywords into the Query section to define which keywords you want to track (and subsequently convert Tweets containing these keywords into tickets)
  3. Click Save
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How can your business benefit from the integration?

Higher customer satisfaction and improved brand loyalty

Keeping your customers satisfied is the most important thing in customer service. With our integration in place, you will no longer have to monitor your Twitter accounts and mobile devices like a hawk. You’ll be able to join ongoing conversations with ease, even if you’re not explicitly tagged.

Being involved in discussions that your customers have about you or your competitors will give you a competitive edge, and showcase that you care and listen to what they have to say.

Moreover, with all past Twitter tickets stored in your help desk archive, you can easily impress your clients with your knowledge of their past queries, purchase details, and more. This will, in turn, boost brand loyalty, customer lifetime value and, customer satisfaction.

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Faster problem resolution

Nowadays, having a great product or price point isn’t the only thing that matters. Customers want personalized, hassle-free support experiences and especially quick answers to their questions.

If your customers reach out on Twitter but don’t get an answer within an hour (most customers expect to receive an answer within an hour of posting) they’re likely to churn and share their negative experiences online.

Give your customers what they want and expect with LiveAgent — personalized, quick, hassle-free support. LiveAgent help desk software will notify you every time you receive a new Twitter ticket, making it effortlessly easy to answer all customer questions.

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LiveAgent combines excellent live chat, ticketing and automation that allow us to provide exceptional support to our customers.

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Better workflow efficiency

Responding to customer questions via LiveAgent improves agent efficiency. Why?

  • Your agents won’t have to constantly monitor multiple accounts and devices
  • Your agents won’t get distracted by their Twitter feeds
  • Your agents won’t be distracted by an ever-growing number of notifications
  • Your agents will be able to manage multiple business accounts at once

Stronger brand presence

If your customers are scrolling through your Twitter, chances are they’re researching your products/services.  Why not win them over by showcasing that you answer all customer questions in a timely manner, and with a little bit of flair? 

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Sainsbury’s customer service on Twitter

Better security, fewer data breaches

Answering Tweets through LiveAgent is more secure. Why? Twitter tickets are stored in a shared universal inbox that can be accessed by every support agent. This means that you don’t have to worry about:

  • Sharing your Twitter login credentials with multiple employees
  • Staying logged in on public devices
  • Losing devices that are logged into your Twitter account

Competitive advantage

Even though Twitter support is becoming more and more popular, there are still many businesses that aren’t providing it. Gain a competitive advantage today, by simply connecting your Twitter account with LiveAgent.

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Knowledgebase resources about Twitter

Learn more about keyword tracking through our knowledge base guide or our integrations page.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Twitter customer support important?

Twitter customer support is important because the platform is perceived as an always-on channel. Customers expect speedy responses within an hour of posting their query, and if they don’t receive one, they are likely to share their negative experience with your business online.

What does a help desk Twitter integration do?

A help desk Twitter integration streamlines all Tweets, mentions, retweets, and comments mentioning your account into your ticketing dashboard and converts them into tickets. It also enables users to monitor specific keywords.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging social media network that has over 187 million daily active users worldwide.

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