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How we review

Our review process

We research, review, test, and put in the most important aspects of each software’s feature. Every software rating consists of three main parts. First, we judge how difficult it is to install and implement a software solution into a regular workflow. We review the user experience, test the individual features, and determine the overall software performance in a standard use case scenario. The third part regards pricing in comparison to the software’s feature set and comparison to other alternatives. The final rating is an average of these three individual parts.

  • Comprehensive reviews of the most popular software
  • Feature tests and pricing evaluation
  • Integration tests with LiveAgent help desk software

Each review starts with an introduction to the software, its use, and its purpose. The next part involves installation and implementation research and practices with commentary on the difficulty of this process. Every review describes the software or a specific feature and how you can use it in daily work. If the reviewer experiences any issues, bugs, or other difficulties, they will be mentioned in this part of the review. We also evaluate how some software integrates with LiveAgent help desk software. Lastly, there is a pricing evaluation and a description of available plans, followed by a conclusion and pros and cons.

Frequently asked questions

Why are software reviews important?

Software reviews are the first step to choosing the right type of software for any given purpose. Reviews help you understand what can a particular software do, how it performs, how useful its features are, and how expensive it is. A review can help you widen your horizons, help you discover new solutions, or even change your mind about the particular software.

What should be in a good software review?

A good review needs to be unbiased, and it should inform the readers about every important aspect of the software. This includes describing installation and implementation, day-to-day use, present issues or bugs, as well as current pricing. A good review presents a comprehensive rating system that will help readers determine how likely they are to be satisfied with a particular solution.

How do you rate software?

We rate software according to three aspects: installation and implementation, day-to-day user experience, and pricing. The final rating is an average of three separate ratings for each of these aspects. We use a star rating system, with zero stars being the lowest and five stars the highest possible rating.

Do you compare software pricing?

We rate software pricing, but we don’t make a direct comparison between various solutions. We treat each software pricing review individually, and we do our best to determine if a solution is affordable or overpriced with regard to its own feature set.

Do you review LiveAgent integrations?

Each of our software reviews includes a test of particular software in integration with LiveAgent. That way, our customers can see how the integration works with our help desk software and determine if it will be useful for them.

Do you update your software reviews?

Yes, we do our best to update our reviews and our pricing on a regular basis. We try to revisit as often as we can, but feel free to let us know if you would like us to update a particular software review.

What to do with negative software reviews?

Negative software reviews help users avoid solutions that performed badly in our reviews. However, modern software usually gets regular updates that can significantly improve its performance. Even if a solution you might’ve preferred performed badly at first, it can improve in the future. That’s why it’s important for us to update our reviews when necessary and for readers to stay tuned to updates or new software reviews.

What are the testing conditions for your software reviews?

Our software reviews include tests of the software’s feature set available at our disposal. We test each feature as it would be used in a day-to-day work scenario. To do a proper review, we set up each software as you would in your workplace. That way, we can ensure that our reviews will be relevant to our readers.

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