Knowledge base

Create categories in your Customer portal based on your products, services, or types of customers. Add knowledge base articles, Forums, or feedback boards. Create knowledge base search widgets and provide customers with easy access to your knowledge base articles. Search widgets are customizable, and can be placed anywhere in your knowledge base pages.

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Choose a theme of your Customer Portal from predefined templates or create a new one with custom css and HTML. Add your own logo, title, tracking codes, header, and footer.


4 predefined themes:

  • Classic
  • Material
  • Minimalist
  • Montana
4 predefined themes: - App - Uploads - 2019 - 10 - Kowledge Base Themes.png

You can customize colors of:

  • Header
  • Main action button
  • Main action button – Hover
  • Secondary action button
  • Secondary action button – Hover
  • Right box
  • Category icon
  • Article icon
  • Item color
  • Title color
Knowledgebase customization

Different content for Agents and customers

You can add separate articles and categories to your help desk knowledge base software that are not accessible to your customers, but can be seen only by the agents (internal articles, categories).


Knowledgebase resources

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Create multiple self-service portals

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