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Customer Portal Software

Reduce costs with customer portal software

Set up a comprehensive, well-structured, and well-indexed customer portal that includes a knowledge base, community forums, and FAQs.

Reduce the time and cost of communicating with your customers by offering self-service support and by allowing your customers to check in on the progress of their support queries without having to contact you. With LiveAgent, it’s easy.

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What is customer portal software?

Customer service portal software, also known as client portal software enables you to share information with your customers. The customer web portal also enables your clients to securely access their ticket status or history, in-depth product/service information, and more.

For instance, a customer portal user will have access to product knowledge base articles as well as the community forum.  In short, the customer portal offers a mix of product-specific knowledge, business information, and self-service tools. 

Customer portal software - LiveAgent
Ticketing feature in Help desk software - LiveAgent

How does customer portal software work?

A secure client portal like LiveAgent enables your customers to check the status of their inquiries after they log in. Since customer inquiries are transformed into tickets, the client will find all the details in a so-called “ticket”. Thanks to this technology, clients don’t have to reach out and wait for assistance from customer service agents.

A customer portal is a superior customer service solution that creates a seamless online experience and boosts user engagement through forums, feedback forms, and an interactive knowledge base. 

Why should you have a customer portal?

Customer service has evolved a lot over the last couple of years. There’s no need to wait around for email notifications to know your issue was resolved. Customer portal software solutions allow portal users to access the information they need without waiting for support assistance. These dedicated support portals also enable portal users to access past ticket history, the knowledge base, a community forum, and also provide the option to submit feedback.

The online self-service portal can be a dedicated space for your customers to seek relevant knowledge base articles. Stop creating Google Sheets to share documents with clients. These complicated processes only harm your customer engagement.

Self-service resources such as knowledge bases, forums, or customer feedback free your customer representatives from FAQs and enable them to focus on more difficult customer inquiries. Take advantage of our customer portal software to share feature announcements, product release notes, and improve your agent productivity right away. 

Customer Forum in Customer portal software - LiveAgent

Effective customer portal that suits your business

The LiveAgent client portal contains a knowledge base, forum, and customer feedback.

70% of customers prefer to look for answers before contacting customer service

Set up a client portal and its visual elements with just a few clicks. Create knowledge bases and generate a forum so your customers can help themselves and discuss new functionalities or improvement suggestions. 

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LiveAgent makes customer support a million times easier. Our response time is now faster by 26%.

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Teach your customers to troubleshoot issues independently

Your support agents will receive fewer tickets and as a result, their response times to customer queries will be significantly faster.

The online customer portal stores your knowledge base articles, forum posts, as well as the feedback and suggestions from your customers. Read more about customer portal.
A knowledge base is one of the key portal features that provide customers with easy and exclusive access to your knowledge base articles or frequently asked questions. Read more about knowledge base.
Forums allow your customers to help each other, by answering each other’s questions. Read more about forum.
Let your customers send you feedback and suggestions. Create and place a feedback button on your website. Read more about feedback button.

Affordable customer web portal software

Use all client portal features and support your customers even when your customer service representatives are offline with our affordable pricing plan. 

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$9 month

Small business

  • Unlimited ticket history
  • 3 email addresses
  • 3 contact forms
  • 1 API key
$29 month

Medium business

  • Everything in Small, plus
  • 10 email addresses
  • 3 live chat buttons
  • Departments management
$0 month


  • 7 days ticket history
  • 1 email address
  • 1 chat button
  • 1 contact form
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Overwhelmed customer support?

Let’s face reality — your customers will always have an infinite amount of questions, inquiries, and requests. Time is the most precious resource you have, and investing it into the right asset can give your business a significant boost. Businesses lose millions of dollars every year by allocating funds to the wrong assets. Don’t be one of them.

Employee portal for your customer service agents

The obvious benefit of a customer portal is providing efficient self-service for your customers. However, LiveAgent’s dedicated client portal solution also enables you to create internal knowledge management for your agents. As previously stated, the customer portal consists of the knowledge base and forum. Both of these can be created for customers as well as agents.

The detailed knowledge base can be a great way to share documents to support knowledge continuity internally. In addition, you can share internal knowledge through a forum. The internal forum can be a single location to discuss specific topics instead of workplace messaging. Overall, it creates better team interactions and makes workplace communication simple. 

Agents in Help desk software - LiveAgent

Over 30,000 businesses can't be wrong

LiveAgent is a feature-rich, comprehensive platform that also provides a self-service portal. See our success stories and user reviews to find out how LiveAgent can boost your customer support and increase the happiness of your business partners.  

knowledge base designs in LiveAgent

Adapt the looks to fit your brand

Setup a customer portal with just a few clicks. Create a knowledge base and adapt it to your company’s design without any coding. With just a few clicks you can generate a forum for your customers where they can discuss new functionalities, ask for help, or provide suggestions for improvement.

Let customers contact you via a flexible ticket form

LiveAgent ticket forms allow customers to get in touch with your support team through a customer portal. So, what is the benefit of using this form of messaging? Well, LiveAgent can store and organize customer data via a CRM system.

Thus, whenever the client reaches out through the customer portal, the agents possess more customer information. As a result, they can provide efficient assistance. Overall, it is a clever customer service solution that improves customer communication and internal support processes.

Customer portal software - submit ticket - LiveAgent

How can you benefit from a customer portal software?

We’ve outlined the underlying benefits of using a customer portal software below:

How can you benefit from a customer portal software?

Reduce customer service costs

Paying an employee is more expensive than empowering your customers to find help in your client portal. 

Reduce customer service costs

Save your support agent's time

Allow your agents to spend less time on the phone, email, and live chat resolving customer’s issues.

Save your support agent's time

 24/7 easy access to information

Online portals make it easy for your customers to get the help they need when they need it. 

All support channels under one roof

LiveAgent’s customer portal software integrates with multiple communication channels and offers nearly 200 features.


What is a customer service portal?

A customer service portal enables your customers to find answers to their questions in real-time without having to contact your customer support team. A customer service portal is available 24/7 and includes relevant information such as policies, invoices, deliveries, orders, and online payments.

What makes a good customer portal?

A good customer portal improves the quality of interactions between your brand and your customers by offering easier access to information.

What are the common features of a customer portal?

Customer portal features include but are not limited to 24/7 self-service, the ability to customize and add your own company branding, easy to embed into company websites, access to statements and online payments, ability to read/write information, and custom CSS style options.

What is the purpose of customer web portal software?

The point of a web portal is to provide a single access point to relevant information such as policies, invoices, payments, or how-to articles. A good web portal will enable your customers to find the desired information themselves, without having to contact you for help.

How do you use the customer portal software?

The client portal is used for knowledge base articles, forums, suggestion, and feedback boards. Moreover, it displays the history of the customer's previous tickets. As a result, customers can check their past customer inquires and start a chat if needed.

What are the benefits of customer portal software?

Nowadays, customers expect websites to have a self-service option. Self-service is now the first choice to search for the needed information. If you do not have a customer portal/knowledge base, you can lose to a competition in a matter of seconds. The most important benefits of a customer portal include 24/7 customer service, increased sales, and higher customer satisfaction.

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