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Reactive customer service has been the norm for years, however, more and more businesses are adopting a more proactive approach, which has proven to be highly efficient. In fact, BT’s research found that 78% of consumers like it when organizations notice they have been having difficulty with a website/completing an order and contact them directly to try and help. That’s where proactive chat invitations come in. Triggered-based, highly personalized, and perfectly timed proactive chat invitations can improve user experience, ensure customer satisfaction, and deliver more sales opportunities. 

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What is proactive chat?

Unlike reactive chats, proactive chats are initiated by the company by sending a chat invitation (either manually or automatically). Automated proactive chat invitations can be triggered based on specific visitor information, pre-defined rules, and various behavior metrics such as the current page they’re browsing, the number of times they’ve visited your site, the amount of time they’ve spent browsing your website, and more.

When used strategically, proactive chat can help build up trust with first-time visitors, boost user engagement, increase customer satisfaction (according to one study, 94% of customers who were proactively invited to chat were somewhat or very satisfied with the experience), prevent shopping cart abandonment, reduce bounce rate, increase conversion rates, and increase average order values.

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Proactive chat best practices

  • Give your visitors some time to look around before inviting them to chat – set the right timing based on the average time spent on each page.
  • Make it easy for visitors to accept or decline a proactive chat invitation to ensure they feel in control of their chat experience.
  • Don’t send multiple chat invitations during the same browsing session – especially after a visitor has already rejected your invitation once.
  • Don’t enable proactive chat on every single page, that might only irritate your visitors – target strategic pages instead (such as product/ pricing/ checkout pages).
  • Avoid messages that are too generic. Make your proactive chat invitations customized, specific, and relevant to the page they pop-up on.
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Proactive chat templates for various scenarios

Proactive chat invitations for first-time visitors

“Thanks for stopping by. Can I help you with something?”

“We’re happy you’re here! 🙂 Can you tell me what you’re looking for?”

“Welcome! I am [Agent name]. What inspired you to visit us today?”

“Hi there, looking for something? I’m here and ready to chat. What’s on your mind?”

“Welcome! Can I point you in the right direction?”

“Hi there! Let me know if you have any questions while you’re looking around.”

“Hi there! It looks like you’re visiting quite a few of our web pages. Can we help you find anything?”

“Yes, I’m a real human. Bots haven’t stolen my job just yet 🙂 If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.”

“Hello! [Agent name] here, I am the regional representative for [country/region/city]. How may I assist you?”

“Our chat service triggers after you’ve spent a certain amount of time on a page, so if you have any questions or doubts, we can help. If you would prefer to look around you can just close the chat. It won’t trigger twice.”

Proactive chat invitations for return visitors

“Hi there, welcome back! How may I help you today?”

“Welcome back! Do you have any questions about your order?”

“Good to see you’re back! Any questions about [product name]? I am here to help.”

“Happy to see you again, [Customer name]! What can we do for you today?”

“Hello [Customer name], welcome back. What brings you to our website today?”

“A little birdie told me you came back. What inspired you to visit us today?”

“Hello again [Customer name]. Are you shopping for yourself today? Tell me if you need any help :)”

“Hi [Customer name], it’s great to see you back! Would you like to learn about this week’s special offers?”

“Welcome back, [Customer name]! Have you seen our latest promo? Chat with me for details.”

Proactive chat invitations for hesitant visitors

“It looks like you’ve been inactive for a while. Can we help you find something?”

“We know that making a choice here can be hard. If you need any help, I’m here to guide you.”

“It seems like you’ve been inactive for a few minutes. Did you need help navigating our site?”

“[Agent name] here 🙂 I understand that having too many options can be ovewhelming. May I help you to decide?”

“Hi there! It’s been a while since you’ve reviewed your shopping cart. Are you ready to check-out, or can we help you find anything else?”

“Hi [Customer name], the promotion on [product name] is about to expire. Would you like to chat for details?”

“Hi [Customer name]. Let me tell you it is a worthy investment if you purchase [product name] now. The offer is going to expire tonight. Chat for details?”

Proactive chat invitations for product pages

“Hi there, do you have any questions about [product name]? I’m here to help, let’s chat :)”

“Welcome! I see you’re browsing our product page. I’m available to chat if you have any questions.”

“Hello! I’m available if you’d like to have a chat about our products :)”

“Good morning! I see you are browsing our collection of [products]. Let me know if I can assist you!”

“Hi [Customer name], may I introduce you to our new arrivals?”

“Hi there, do you have any questions about this product or its technical specifications? I’m here if you do.”

“This is one of our most popular items this season! We only have a few left in stock, let me know if you have any questions!”

“Hi [Customer name], if you buy [product name] today you can save 30%. Do you want to chat and learn more about the offer?”

“Hello [Customer name], can I explain the special discounted price on the products you are interested in?”

“Hi [Customer name], we have a great sale running today on one of our most popular products. Can I tell you about it?”

Proactive chat invitations for pricing pages

“Wondering what’s the right plan for you? Tell me a bit about your business and I’ll help you decide.”

“Hi there! Any questions about our pricing plans? I’d be happy to help.”

“Hi [Customer name], this is [Agent name]. Exploring our pricing plans? Let me help you choose the right one for you!”

“Thanks for visiting! Let’s chat about the right plan for you and your business.”

“Seems that you are visiting our pricing page frequently. Can I help you decide on the right plan?”

“Not sure which plan is right for you? Let’s chat and I’ll give you my best advice.”

Proactive chat invitations for checkout pages

“Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Do you need any assistance with your purchases?”

“[Agent name] here. Let me know if you need a hand with your purchase today.”

“Hey! Do you need any assistance with your order? I’ll be happy to help.”

“Any questions about our shipping, payment options, refund policies, or otherwise? I’m here to help :)”

“Hi there, did you know that we offer free shipping for orders over [purchase value]? May I help you get to it?”

“You’ve got great taste! Let me know if you have any questions during the checkout, or if you run into any technical difficulties.”

“[Customer name], you’re almost there! Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Hey there, you almost made it! Have any questions or need help? Let’s chat :)”

“Hi there! I noticed you encountered an error message. I am here to help you to place your order. Message me for assistance.”

“Did you know we offer a 100% refund on all orders (even sale items)? I’m here to chat if you want to know more.”

Proactive chat invitations for high bounce rate pages

“Hi there! Unsure whether you need a product demo? I’m happy to answer your questions.”

“Hello there! Have any questions about our product demo? I’m here to answer them :)”

“Thanks for stopping by! I can explain [product name] installation steps for you, if you’re interested . Shall I start?”

“Hi [Customer name], may I guide you through the sign-up/ download/ installation process?”

“Hi [Customer name], do you need any help with the sign-up process/ downloading/ installing the app? Just drop me a line.”

“Hi there! Signing up takes less than a minute. Would you like me to guide you through the process?”

“Welcome! Setting up your account is quick and easy. Need a helping hand? I’m here to guide you.”

Proactive chat invitations for FAQ pages

“Hi there, it seems that you have some questions in mind. May I help you get them answered?”

“[Agent name] here. May I help you find a solution to your problem?”

“Hi [Customer name], can’t find what you’re looking for? I’m here to answer your questions.”

“Can’t find your question? I’d be happy to help, let’s chat!”

“Chat is the fastest way to get your questions answered. Let’s talk :)”

“Just checking in to see if I can help answer any questions you may have. Let me know :)”

“Hi there, need answers? I’m here to help you out. Yes, I’m a real human :)”

Proactive chat invitations for cross-selling/ up-selling opportunities

“I have good news for you! We have a special offer running today that can save you 20% on [product name]. Care to know about the details? ”

“Hey there, we just wanted to let you know that [product name] is on sale right now, if you felt like saving a few dollars today.”

“Hi [Customer name], did you know that you can save [amount of money] buying [product A] and [product B] together? I’m here if you need more details!”

“Hi [Customer name], most of our customers who bought [product A] also bought [product B] to go with it. Would you like more details?”

“Hi [Customer name]! It looks like you’re purchasing [product A]. Could we interest you in [product B] as well? They complement each other nicely. :)”

“Hey there! Just a quick tip: [product A] belongs to our [X series]. Would you also like to take a look at the other products in this series?”

“Hi there! Since you’re purchasing [product A], we’d recommend [product B] as well. Past customers have found that purchasing these items together made their lives easier.”

“Before you check-out, you should know that we’re currently offering [promotion]. Would you like to take advantage of this limited-time offer?”

 Industry-specific proactive chat invitation examples

eCommerce: “Hey! Need help choosing a great pair of running shoes? Let’s chat :)”

Travel: “Hi there! Would you like to hear our recommendations for your accommodation? Message me for advice.”

Real Estate: “Hi! Are you looking for a rental apartment, buying a home or selling your property? Message me for help.”

Software development: “Hi there! What brings you to our website today? Do you have a project in mind?”

Insurance: “Need help finding the right insurance plan? I’m here to give you my best advice.”

Banking: “Hi there, it looks like you might need a little help understanding these account options. We’ve got an account expert standing by. Click here to chat.”

Education: “Welcome! Any questions about our courses and fees? I’d be happy to help!”

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Frequently asked questions

What should you include in the proactive live chat invitation?

When you initiate a chat, you want to gather information from the customer that will help you solve the customer’s problem quickly. When you start live chat, you’ll want to ask the customer about their issue, order information, etc. Whatever information you obtain, take note of it so you can use it to address the customer’s concern.

How to respond to an angry customer through live chat?

To respond to an angry customer, pause to calm down, then write an answer that focuses on the solution. Moreover, make sure to explain any steps you took to resolve their problem.

How long should a proactive live chat invitation be?

A proactive live chat invitation should be concise and easy to understand. Thus, it should be between 1 and 2 sentences.

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