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When planning a promotional sales campaign, you must think about it in broader terms than just a price drop. Although traditionally sales indicated getting rid of surplus seasonal stock or unwanted products, things have changed so much that sales, as we know them, have evolved considerably.

Even though every sales promotion campaign’s main objective is to sell items that haven’t been sold, businesses can use this opportunity to set new objectives and achieve additional goals.

Let’s see how you can take advantage of these initiatives to obtain both short and long-term benefits, and how your promotion can reach its full potential by leveraging pre-sales emails.

Advantages of sales promotion campaigns

Increasing the loyalty of existing customers

Sales campaigns give you the perfect opportunity to improve customer loyalty. All the buzz surrounding your sale will tempt your existing customers, however, it’s also important to note that they are more likely to purchase from you even without a discounted sales price. To them,  a sale is just an added benefit.

Try to offer your recurring customers something special that will make them even more loyal to your brand, and give them more reasons to keep coming back.

Attracting new customers


A sales promotion campaign can be a great opportunity to reach new audiences and attract new customers, encouraging them to buy at your e-store.

It is quite obvious that price drops will attract many potential customers. However, suppose you take such opportunities to convince them that your e-commerce business is different from other companies, and show new clients that you are aware of their needs and solutions to their problems. If you are able to do this, it is likely that they will become recurring customers in the future.

Increasing sales results in the short term


A sales promotion campaign can also attract those who can’t afford to buy your products when they’re priced normally. And therefore, it is an opportunity to encourage them to make one-off purchases. They probably won’t become your loyal customers, but you can still increase revenue by reaching out to them. 

Obviously, each campaign that uses discounts to attract buyers must be well-planned and respect margins if it is to remain profitable. The idea is that the margin you lose by offering discounts must be compensated with a higher sales volume. And to do this, you must promote your sale and make it stand out from the competition.

One of the best ways to ensure your sales promotion campaign will be a success is to send out pre-sales emails to those who may be interested in purchasing your products at lower prices. We have created a few pre-sale email templates that will help you communicate this news to your database of clients and prospects.

Pre-sale email template customization
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Pre-sale email subject lines

  • Our annual sale is here!
  • The prices of our latest collection will drop in [X] days
  • Starting soon – [spring/summer/Christmas] sales
  • Now on sale: [type of items] up to 50% off
  • Sale: up to 70% off starting tomorrow
  • Stay tuned. Our prices are about to drop considerably.
  • Set a reminder for our Black Friday sale one month from now!
  • [Spring/Summer/Christmas] SALE starts in [X] weeks
  • Make sure you visit our website in [X] days…
  • Don’t miss our seasonal sales!

Pre-sale email templates

Pre-sale email template 1 

Hello [name],

We’re super excited to let you know that our seasonal sale starts in [X] days.

Our entire [spring/summer/autumn/winter] collection will be on sale, and you can save up 70% on our most popular items!

Stay tuned!

Pre-sale email template 2

Dear [name]!

[Company name] is having a big sale really soon!

You can expect up to 70% discounts on selected items.

Click this link [link] to set a reminder in your calendar. You wouldn’t want to miss it, right?

Visit our website on [date] and enjoy your favorite [products] for better prices!

Pre-sale email template 3

Hey [name],

Our big [annual/seasonal] sale starts in [one day/one week]!

The prices of [all/most of] our items will drop at [hour and timezone].

We’ll send you one more email on the day of the sale, so you don’t miss the opportunity to grab your favorites.

With love,
[Company Team]

Pre-sale email template 4

Hi [name],

The countdown to our annual sale has started.

The number of items is limited, and we won’t be restocking.

Make sure you don’t miss out by accessing our website [tomorrow/in X days] to be one of the first ones to purchase our products at lower prices.

Visit our website to learn more [link]

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Frequently asked questions

How early should I inform my customers about upcoming sales?

It depends on your overall communication strategy for each campaign, but you could start one month or two weeks in advance. Don’t start too early, because your customers may forget about the campaign and miss it.

Should I inform my whole database about upcoming sales?

It depends on your business type– you may want to inform all of your contacts or only some of them. For example, if you offer services based on a subscription model and don’t want your existing clients to start paying less, it would be wise to exclude them from mailing lists informing them about upcoming sales.

Should I inform my email recipients about how big the discounts are before the sales start?

There are different opinions about this. Some companies want to build interest among clients by not informing them about the final discounted prices until the actual sale starts, which can motivate them to follow the campaign closely. Other businesses reveal discount rates at the very beginning of the pre-sales phase, which can encourage potential customers to ‘save the date’ of the sale.

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