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Whether you’re organizing an online or offline event, reminding your audience about it is just as important as informing them about the event in the first place. That’s where event reminder emails come into play. Your attendees may have signed up for your event months ago, and they may have forgotten or lost interest during the waiting period. Thoughtfully crafted reminder emails can help keep your event fresh in the minds of your prospective audience, maintain engagement and ensure the majority of those who registered will eventually show up at your event. Below are some best practices for writing efficient event reminder emails and examples of event reminder email templates that you can customize and use in your own event reminder email campaign.

Best practices for writing event reminder emails

Keep it short and simple

The primary purpose of event reminder emails is to remind your audience about an upcoming event to ensure the audience stays engaged until the event day. An event reminder email should include only essential facts about your event without pitching or overwhelming people with irrelevant information. Make it a one-paragraph message and ensure it’s mobile-friendly since over 80% of all emails are now opened and read on mobile devices.

event reminder email example

Provide key event details

As your event reminder email is a follow-up to your initial event invitation email, it doesn’t need to include in-depth content. However, there are some key details you’ll want to provide:

  • Event name and what the event is about;
  • Event date and time (plus the time zone for international online events);
  • Event location for offline events (preferably with Google Maps);
  • Short info about speakers and what they will be presenting;
  • Agenda, especially if you’re running a whole day event;
  • Any additional information that may be helpful (venue details, event rules, etc.)
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Personalize and use a friendly tone

Address attendees by name and keep a friendly, inviting tone, just like you would do in a meeting reminder email. You can also send reminder emails from a person rather than a general company email which adds an extra personal touch to your event reminder message. Finally, make sure to include your contact info and a link to your FAQ page (if you have one) to make it easy for attendees to reach out if they have questions before the event.

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Examples of event reminder email subject lines

Here are some effective email subject lines that work well for event reminder emails:

  • Reminder to register for [Event Name]
  • Don’t miss out [Event Name]
  • Save the date: [Event Name], [Date]
  • Mark your calendar for [Event Name]
  • You don’t want to miss [Event Name]!
  • Reminder: [Event Name], [Date]
  • Largest [event type] in [Geographic Location]: [Event Name]
  • Meet the speakers at [Event Name]!
  • Last chance to see [Speaker] live at [Event Name]!
  • Reminder: [Event Name] in [x] days
  • Are you excited about [Event Name]?
  • Are you joining us tomorrow at [Event Name]?
  • Reminder: join us at [Event Name] on [Date]
  • Starting tomorrow! [Event Name]
  • Are you coming? See you at [Event Name] on [Date]
  • Get ready for today’s [Event Name]!
  • [Online Event Name] starts in 5 minutes!

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Event reminder email templates

General online event reminder email

Hi [Name],

There are only [x] days left before the [Event Name]!

The best [industry] leaders will share their secrets and give you an insight into the techniques they’ve used for years to [achieve specific goals].

See the Agenda

WHEN: [date, time]
WHERE: Online. We’ll be hosting live sessions and releasing [x] on-demand videos that you can watch whenever you want throughout the day.
WHO: World-renowned [industry] experts like [Speaker 1], [Speaker 2] and [Speaker 3].

Don’t forget to mark your calendar, and let us know if you have any questions.


Click the link to join the event at the specified time and date: Join [Event Name]

Hope to see you there!

Online event early bird pass reminder email

Hi [Name],

The [Event Name] early bird pass is on sale for just [x] days, and we wanted to shoot you an email as it’s the last chance to get it!

We’ve picked the top [industry leaders] to come and share actionable [industry] hacks that are working for them in their businesses right now. Here are just a few speakers who will be presenting on [event date]:

[1 Speaker Name from Company]
[2 Speaker Name from Company]
[3 Speaker Name from Company]
[4 Speaker Name from Company]

We’ll cover [topic 1], [topic 2], [topic 3] and a ton of other topics related to [industry].

Get your free early bird pass today, and you’ll also get [additional benefits].

Get Your Free Pass Now

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. You can also check out more information about the speakers and what they will be talking about HERE.

Look forward to seeing you at the event!

Webinar reminder email #1 (a week before the event)

Hi [Name],

This email is a reminder that we’re a week away from [Webinar Title] where we will take a look at [industry] trends and best practices on how to [achieve specific goals].

We’re excited to have you join us for this event! In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of our speakers:

[1 Speaker Name and Title]: [topic / what you will learn]
[2 Speaker Name and Title]: [topic / what you will learn]
[3 Speaker Name and Title]: [topic / what you will learn]

Join us [date and time]. You’ll be able to access the webinar at the scheduled time by clicking the link below. We’ll be saving some time for QA at the end, so bring your questions!

Access Webinar

Please send your comments and feedback to [email address].

See you in a week!

Webinar reminder email #2 (the day of the event)

Hi [Name],

Today’s the day! This is a reminder that [Webinar Title] is set to begin today at [WEBINAR DATE AND TIME]

How to Join the Webinar:

Click the button below to join at the specified time.

Join webinar!

Note: you should not share this link with others; it is unique for you. Remember, the Webinar is viewable from both desktop and mobile.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to [email address].

We’ll see you in a bit!

An offline event reminder email

Hi [Name],

We are less than a week away from the [Event Name], where we will be talking about [topic 1], [topic 2], as well as the latest trends in [industry].

Registration opens at [time], and we will be serving light breakfast refreshments before the event begins, so do come by early to have a bite and mingle with other attendees.

Agenda: [details]
Location: [details]
Getting There: [details]
Parking info: [details]

You can find more information on the topics and speakers by visiting our event page.

Please, let us know if you cannot make it, so that we can release your seat to attendees on the waiting list.

We look forward to having you at [Event Name]!

Offline event quick reminder

Hi [Name],

This is a friendly reminder that you have a reservation to attend an upcoming event at [event location].

WHAT: [Event Name]
WHEN: [date, time]
WHERE: [address]

Click HERE for directions. Please call [number] if you have any questions.


Bonus: Post-event follow-up email

Hi [Name],

Thanks for being a part of [Event Name]! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and learned something new that you could put to work today.

We want to make sure our events are valuable and worth attending. Would you mind filling out a quick survey to let us know what you liked most and where you think we could improve?

Take the Survey

If you’d like to rewind and catch up what you might have missed, here you can find the recorded speeches: link to recordings

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you next time!

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to send event reminder emails?

Once the event registration is complete, your goal is to keep your registrants engaged and interested in your event. A friendly reminder email allows you to do just that and helps to build and maintain better relationships with your audience. In addition, if your pre-event messages add value, you increase the chances of engaged registrants attending your event.

What is the best time to send event reminder emails?

The optimal timing depends on your event type and your audience; however, based on the industry best practices you should send at least three event reminder emails (besides your registration confirmation email):

  • 1st email reminder: one week before the event
  • 2nd email reminder: one day before the event
  • 3rd email reminder: on the day of the event

Wednesday and Thursday are believed to be the best days to send event reminder emails, while Mondays should be avoided.

Should I send plain text or HTML formatted event reminder emails?

While HTML-formatted emails might look more visually appealing and make the content easier to digest, plain-text emails may generally look more natural and personalized. When crafting your reminder email sample, try out different email format types and make sure to use the one that aligns best with your industry and your overall business communication style.

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