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Case study request email templates

Case studies are a critical part of most B2B marketing strategies. They give you a chance to show your potential customers real-life examples of how your product was able to satisfy other customer’s needs, solve their problems, and ultimately help them achieve their business goals. Case studies go a long way in earning your prospects’ trust and validating that your product or service actually works. The following article outlines why case studies are an essential content marketing tool and provides helpful case study request email templates along with the basic case study interview questions to help you acquire case studies and success stories from your customers. With these resources and using case study templates, you can craft the perfect case study examples to get the most out of the customers’ experience.

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Why use case studies in your marketing strategy?

  • 13% of marketers name case studies as one of the primary forms of media used within their content strategy – this makes them the fifth most popular type of content, outshined only by visual content, blogs, and ebooks. (HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report)
  • Client case studies are the most popular self-promotional tactics used by marketing agency executives: 62.6% of respondents voted in favor of them being effective in generating leads. (eMarketer study)
  • Case studies/ success stories rank as the third most influential content marketing type in the purchase process for both small businesses and large enterprises. (B2B Technology Content Survey Report by Eccolo Media).

Client case study request email templates

The formal case study request email


[Company name] is currently building a library of case studies to include on our website. We’re looking for successful companies using [Product name] to solve interesting challenges, and your team immediately came to mind. Are you open to [Customer company name] being featured?

Your story will help inform our prospects about how they can benefit from using our product. I’d be happy to provide more details if you are potentially interested.

Either way, thank you for considering my request and thank you for being a loyal [COMPANY] customer.


The casual case study request email

Subject line: Can I feature you as a case study?


The subject line pretty much says everything, but I’d like to ask again. Can I feature you as a case study? I think our project had a lot of highlights, and I’m eager to get the word out about our great work together.

Specifically, I plan to dig into these main aspects:

[Aspect 1]
[Aspect 2]
[Aspect 3]

If being featured is OK with you, can we have a quick call on [date/ time] to discuss it in more detail? Or if that doesn’t work, I’m free on [date].

I look forward to chatting with you!


Case study request email following a positive customer experience

Hi [Name],

I’m really glad to hear you had [positive experience with your company], and I was wondering whether you’d be interested in being featured as one of our customer success stories. I manage our case study initiatives and have the opportunity to showcase all the great stories from customers like you.

It should be a lightweight process – I will ask you roughly 10 – 15 questions via email or phone about your experience and results. This case study will include a blurb about your company and a link to your homepage (which hopefully will make your SEO team happy!)

Here’s an example of how it usually looks like: link to a case study example

If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know by responding to this email, or giving me a call at [number] to discuss it in more detail.


Case study request email following a customer’s feedback

Dear [Name],

Thank you for the fantastic feedback – I’m thrilled to hear [Product name] is working well for you and that [Customer company name] is getting the results you’ve been looking for.

My team is actually in the process of building out our library of case studies, and I’d love to include your story. Happy to provide more details if you’re potentially interested.

In any case, thank you again, and I look forward to getting more updates on your progress.


Case study request email after reaching a milestone

Hi [Name],

I wanted to reach out to thank you for being a loyal [Company] customer for over [number] years now. I noticed you achieved your goal of [milestone] last month, and I wanted to congratulate you on your success!

I’d love to share your story using [Product name] with the world – I think it’s a great example of how our product + a dedicated team and a good strategy can achieve awesome results.

Are you open to being featured in a case study? If so, I’ll send along more details.


End-of-year case study request email

Hi [Name],

Happy Holidays!

As this year winds down, I wanted to say thank you for being a loyal [Company] customer and for your partnership using [Product/ Service] this year. You’ve achieved fantastic results in the time we’ve been working together, so I wanted to reach out to see if you’d be interested in being featured in a case study on our website.

Here’s how it would look like: link to a case study example

Either way, thank you once again for the chance to work with you, and I hope you have a warm and happy holiday season with your family and friends.

I’m looking forward to chatting soon in the new year!


Hi [Name],

We’re thrilled to hear you’re interested in sharing your success story with [Product name]. My name is [Name], and I’ll be working directly with you on this case study.

I’ve attached an important document to this email that outlines the whole process, which includes [details of your case study process]. Typically, a case study will take about a week t complete from start-to-finish depending on availability and turnaround time of any revisions, and your involvement will require about 1 hour of your time.

Again, I’m excited to start the process with your team and learn more about your success with [Product name]!

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Happy to be a resource.


Business case study interview questions to ask your customers

To write a compelling case study/ success story filled with in-depth insights and data on how your product or service adds value – you need to be asking thoughtful questions – while also respecting the fact that your customers may not be able to spare much time to answer them. Here are some of the most common case study interview questions that you can use when conducting your own customer case study interviews.

Case study interview questions about their environment before purchasing your product

  • What were you using before our product?
  • What were the three major points of frustration you faced?
  • What other challenges were you experiencing prior to using our product?
  • What was the big “Aha!” moment when you decided you needed to try something new?
  • How did you first hear about our product? 

Case study interview questions about their decision-making process

  • Which other products did you look at before deciding on using ours?
  • What were you looking for in a solution?
  • What made our solution stand out over others that you researched? 
  • What were the top reasons you selected our product?
  • What feature of our product was most appealing?

Case study interview questions about their experience using your product

  • How easy or hard was it to get started with our product?
  • How long have you been using our product?
  • How has our product helped you overcome the challenges you had before?
  • What is your favorite feature or part of our product? Why?
  • Can you tell me about the most positive experience you’ve had using our product?

Case study interview questions about their results with your product

  • What results have you seen with our solution so far?
  • Can you share any metrics/ KPIs that show the success you have enjoyed with our product? 
  • What have you been most impressed with?
  • By using our product can you measure any reduced costs/ improvements in productivity/ increases in revenue?
  • What is the single biggest reason you would recommend our product?

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Frequently asked questions

How do you promote a case study?

You can promote a study through email or by giving it more visibility on your website, sharing it through your social media channels, and linking to it from your blogs.

What is the purpose of case study emails?

Case studies are a very effective way to build credibility for your business. They can help you explain your product or service benefits and demonstrate that you have real customers using your product/service.

What should you definitely include in a case study?

When writing a case study email, it’s important to mention how the solution would help with the problems described. You can also provide links to the product/service, and do not forget to include the names of the team members who worked on the project.

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