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Is there anything more persuasive than offering a customer a discount coupon? That feeling of being able to access something which is desired at a lower price often gives customers the final push they need to buy a product or service that they’ve had their eye on.

More and more businesses are moving sales online and joining the world of e-commerce. Therefore, the more marketing strategies you leverage in your online store, the more chances you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Discount coupons are an excellent example of a technique that attracts both existing and potential customers. In fact, according to some recent studies, 77% of consumers spend $10 to $50 more than intended when redeeming coupons, and 68% of them believe that coupons increase customer loyalty (source).

However, there are not many people who like asking for discount codes or coupons themselves. And that is exactly your opportunity to shine with a proactive engagement campaign.

What is couponing?

Couponing is understood as any digital marketing strategy that aims to generate sales and attract more customers through the use of discount coupons. Discount coupons have always been around. In traditional settings, coupons used to be (and in some cases still are) cut out of brochures or magazines and used in-store. With the advance of technologies, coupons are now more commonly used as codes that are typed in during the checkout process on online platforms (or stores).

Usually, the implementation of marketing campaigns that use coupons is very simple. Various CMS systems offer plugins that generate codes that users can apply at the end of their checkout.

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Benefits of using coupons in your marketing strategy

  • Coupons are easy to use and quick to implement. You simply have to create a code (i.e. CHRISTMAS), connect it to a certain discount in your e-commerce system, and share the coupon with your customers.
  • Couponing campaigns provide you with real and useful insights. You can measure a campaign’s level of success and the performance of the channels on which you promoted the code by checking how many users redeemed the relevant coupon.
  • Coupons help you build customer loyalty. As mentioned above, customers believe coupons increase loyalty. To make the most out of this, you can set up email campaigns for recurring customers and reward them by offering exclusive discount coupons.
  • Recovery of abandoned carts. You can offer discount coupons through remarketing or email campaigns that target users that have abandoned their cart. This can encourage them to finalize their order.
  • You can use coupons to promote the launch of a new product.

There are many ways you can offer coupons to your customers. One of the most popular methods is through email marketing, which delivers your coupons straight to your customer’s inbox. 

Coupon email subject lines

  • Save [X]% on your next purchase…
  • We have something special for you!
  • Coupon time is here!
  • A little “thank you” for your last purchase 
  • You can pay [X]% less for your next order
  • Long time no see. Visit our store again and get [X]% off
  • Thank you for being our customer. We have something for you
  • Take [X]% off
  • Save up to [X]% by using this code
  • [code] – use this code at checkout to  pay less for your favorite [product/service] 

Coupon email templates

Coupon email template 1 

Hello [name],

Don’t waste this limited opportunity to grab your favorite [product] for [X] off. Simply use this [discount code] at checkout.

Follow this link to use your coupon now [link]

Coupon email template 2

[Name], thank you for being our client…

We believe there are more of our products/services that you’d like to get, but something is stopping you.

If it’s the price, then…


Here’s your coupon code, but hurry up! It expires on [date]:


Please redeem this code on any product/service purchase before [date] to receive an instant [X]% off at checkout!

Button: SHOP NOW

Coupon email template 3

Dear [name],

Thank you for placing an order with [name of the store].

We hope that [product/service] will make your life easier.

We really appreciate you being our client, that’s why we want to offer you [X]% off your next purchase.

Just use the code [code] at checkout*.

*The coupon code applies to [all/limited] items except [handcrafted/customized products/services].
*You can buy any product/services from [name of the store] and get [X]% discount off your next orders using this code.

Coupon email template 4

Save [X]% off of your next order.

[Name], [#] days have passed since your last order.

We want to encourage you to treat yourself to a little something extra with this coupon:


It’s valid for until [date] and gives you [X]% off of your purchase!

Go to our store to redeem the coupon: [link].

Coupon email template 5

Hello [name],

Your friend [friend’s name], who you recommended our store to, has just placed an order with us.

This means that you get a [X]% discount on your next purchase!

Next time you shop with us, just use the code [code] at checkout to enjoy your hard-earned discount.

Button: Go to the store

Ready to put our coupon email templates to the test?

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Frequently asked questions

How often should I offer coupons?

The frequency of couponing campaigns are dependant on many aspects and should be planned carefully by each company. If you are new to couponing, it’s better to only offer coupons for special occasions like product launches. Don’t offer discounts too often because it may negatively influence your company’s bottom line, or may become so normal for your clients that they won’t be willing to pay full price for any of your products or services.

What occasions are best to offer customers coupons?

You can start by offering customers coupons on special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, or January sales. People are more willing to spend money during these periods anyway, so your campaigns will be more likely to succeed. You can also consider giving coupons to customers on their birthdays or local holidays.

Which companies are good at coupon marketing?

If you are looking for benchmarks, you should definitely analyze Amazon’s couponing strategy. The Banana Republic and H&M are also well-known for their seasonal sales supported by coupon marketing. Shopify’s coupon campaigns are also successfully decreasing cart abandonment rates.

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