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FOMO is one of the strongest motives for people to make purchases. It’s particularly true for millennials but also applies to those who aren’t a part of this age group. 

Social pressure generates tension that can be used as a way to shake up sales. Because of this, we want to familiarize you with the term FOMO and show you how to use it to make more online sales.

What is FOMO?

The term stands for the acronym “Fear Of Missing Out”. This fear can be related to participation in an event or an activity, but also the risk of losing the chance to buy a product, leveraging a sales promotion, or even missing out on the latest meme that everyone is sharing on social media. 

It is in our nature as human beings to aim to integrate, be up to date, and stay ahead of others. 

In the golden age of social media, everyone is connected and can share their lives with others, which can make most of us feel pressured to avoid missing out on any important news or opportunities.

How can you use FOMO to sell more?

Neuromarketing is the driver behind all the strategies of fear-based marketing. These marketing tactics are also known as scarcity marketing.

These types of marketing efforts focus on applying mechanisms that generate urgency in the face of fear of being socially excluded or “late to the party”. 

Let’s have a look at these examples that use FOMO in communication.

#1. “Other customers are interested in…”

This message is a really powerful tool that can motivate potential customers to make a purchase. It provides social proof but also indicates that a product may be sold out soon because many customers are interested in buying it. The urgency also generates a certain amount of stress. 

Not that we want to cause a feeling of discomfort for the client. Rather, we aim to discourage them from postponing a decision to buy by making them act more impulsively, without spending too much time analyzing their decision.

Karmanow last chance email
Karmanow uses “Uh oh– an item you saved is about to sell out!” as a subject line

#2. “This offer expires in 3 hours.”

These types of messages reinforce the fear of missing out on an opportunity. One of the reasons why most time-limited offers work so well is that anxiety favors impulse. 

If you’re going to run flash campaigns, it’s always a good idea to use a countdown to remind users of the time left to redeem the offer. 

This is the moment to use a good last chance email marketing strategy or PPC with retargeting that reaches customers and reminds them about the offer. Don’t forget to display stock levels, especially when there are only a few units left.

last chance fabletics
Fabletics uses “Hurry, 70% OFF SITEWIDE ends tomorrow” subject line

#3. “[ITEM] Is now out of stock”

When a customer misses a sales opportunity, don’t hesitate to let them know that they lost their chance to take advantage of it. This is something that travel agencies do regularly and can be easily implemented in e-commerce too. 

Last chance LazyOaf
Lazy Oaf uses subject line “That sold out knitted Sweater is Back”

A simple banner stating that a product is no longer available at a discounted price perfectly summarizes what FOMO stands for. Fear of missing out can be used to motivate potential customers to buy by showing them what they lost out on, making sure that next time they won’t hesitate to hit the BUY NOW button before an offer ends.

As mentioned previously,  you can also use the power of FOMO to send out “last chance” types of emails. Let’s go through some examples that you can use in your future marketing campaigns.

Last chance email template subject lines

  • You are running out of time…
  • It’s your last chance to get [product].
  • Only [X] hours left!
  • Almost gone!
  • Buy now or you’re going to miss out
  • Get them before they’re gone.
  • The item on your wishlist is almost sold out!
  • [X% off]- Limited Time Only 
  • Our sales offer ends today. It’s your last chance!

Last chance email templates

Last chance email template 1

Hey [Name]
It’s your last chance to get an extra [X %] off! Everything’s on clearance*. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

[Button] SHOP NOW

*Online only

Last chance email template 2

Tik, Tok…

Time is running out! You only have [X] hours left to buy your favorites for lower prices.

Follow this [link] to check out the discounts we’ve prepared for you. But don’t wait too long! Stock is limited.

Last chance email template 3

Our [Knitwear/Boots/Winter Jacket] ]sale ends today!

There are only [X] hours left to get your favorites. All discounts will be automatically applied at checkout. Terms and conditions apply.


Last chance email template 4

Our seasonal sale ends today at midnight. Don’t miss the chance to get an extra [X]% off on all orders of $[value] and over.

Use the discount [code] at checkout.

[button] SHOP

Last chance email template 5

Our one day [Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter/Black Friday] sale has begun. You have the chance to purchase all items for a discounted price. Get [X]% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

Use the code [code] at checkout.*

[Button] BUY NOW

* The discount code can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts.

Last chance email template 6

Hello [name],

We wanted to let you know that this is your last chance to buy all of [company]’s products at a lower price.

Our annual sales campaign ends today at [time].

I’m afraid you really need to hurry up though, as there are not many items left in stock.

Follow this link to check out what’s left. [link]

Ready to use some scarcity marketing?

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Frequently asked questions

How early can I say that it’s a customer’s “last chance”?

There’s no rule here – you might decide to start sending last chance emails two days before a sales promotion campaign ends, or only two hours before. You know your customers and potential clients best, so decide when’s the right time to use the power of urgency based on that knowledge.

How many last chance emails should I send?

Usually, companies send either one last chance email on the day that a particular offer ends, or they organize a countdown and send out three more emails – one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and the last one an hour before the end of the promotion. It’s up to you which strategy you choose, but make sure your messages aren’t too spammy.

Should I send a last chance email to my entire database?

In most cases, you’ll want to inform as many people as possible about an offer that is about to end. This is especially true if you also plan to post information about the sale on social media or if you promote it using paid ads.  However, make sure that your database is properly segmented and that you send relevant and personalized messages to all client groups based on their previous purchases and interests.

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