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Reaching your target audience at the right time with the right message is critical to the success of any email marketing campaign. However, according to the Mailchimp survey, the average email open rate is around 21% across all industries. That’s why reminder emails are essential. Timely sent reminder emails can increase engagement and nudge customers to perform specific actions when necessary. But crafting these emails and figuring out when’s the best time to send them out can be challenging for marketers. Below are a few reminder email templates for different occasions that you can adapt for your own use.

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What is a reminder email?

A business reminder email is a powerful tool for marketers that reminds the recipient of something important that is coming up, something that is expected of them, or should have happened but didn’t. Here are some scenarios in which sending a nice reminder email can benefit your business:

  • Informing users that their free trial is about to expire/ has expired
  • Re-engaging inactive users who abandoned your product at a certain step (for example unfinished registration)
  • Reminding current customers to renew their subscription or membership
  • Notifying clients of their upcoming bill date, late, or overdue payments
  • Alerting customers of failed payments/credit card expiration/account cancellation
  • Reminding customers about important upcoming events like a webinar reminder, etc.
Apple TV reminder email

Reminder email subject lines

  • [Name], we haven’t seen you in a while ☹
  • We’ve missed you!
  • We noticed you’ve been a little distant lately
  • Your [Product] Trial ends in [number] days
  • [Name], your [Product] trial is almost over. Update now!
  • Action Required – Your [Product] payment has failed
  • Please update your payment information
  • Oh no, there’s a problem with your [Product] payment
  • Your [Product] account has been paused!
  • Your [Product] account will be deactivated in [number] days
  • Reminder: Event Submission Deadline is [date]
  • Don’t miss out [Event Name]
  • Last chance to see [Speaker] live at [Event Name]!

8 Reminder email templates

The inactive user reminder email

Hi [Name],

It looks like you haven’t signed into your [Product] account for a while. Just a friendly heads up that [Product] accounts are automatically deactivated after [number] days of inactivity.

We’d love for you to stick around. To keep your account open, please log in at least once by [date].


As a reminder, with [Product] you can:

[Use feature 1 – benefit 1]
[Use feature 2 – benefit 2]
[Use feature 3 – benefit 3]

In case you need a refresher course – check out our tour to get you up and running again.

If you have any questions or need any help, reply to this email or jump on a live chat with our customer care team. We’ve got your back!


The trial expiration reminder email

Hi [Name],

Time flies! Can you believe that your [Product] trial is almost coming to an end?

You still have 3 days to get up to speed with all the awesome things you can do with [Product] like:

[Benefit 1 using feature 1]
[Benefit 2 using feature 2]
[Benefit 3 using feature 3]

If you’re ready, you can navigate to the Plans page to select a subscription that best suits your needs. Our plans start at [price], and you can change your plan at any time.

You’ll also get access to our rockstar customer support team who can guide you through any challenge and recommend best practices for getting the most value out of our [tool/ platform/ software].

Choose My Plan

Still evaluating and could use a hand before your trial is up? Let us know – we’re here to help!


The upcoming payment reminder email

Hi [Name],

Hope things are going well for you. This is just a quick reminder that invoice [invoice number] which we sent on [date] will be coming due on [invoice due date].

I’m sure you’re busy, but I’d appreciate it if you could take a moment and look over the invoice when you get a chance. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks again for your business!


The overdue payment reminder email

Hi [Name],

Our records show that we haven’t yet received a payment of [amount] for Invoice [ invoice number], which is overdue by one week. I would appreciate it if you could check this out on your end.

I know that life can get busy, and details can be missed. I’ve attached a copy of the invoice to this email, in case the original was lost or deleted.

If the payment has already been sent, please disregard this notice. If you have any questions whatsoever, please reply and I’d be happy to answer them.


Credit card expiration reminder email

Hi [Name],

We wanted to give you a heads up. The payment information you have on file for your [Product] subscription (card ending with ****) is going to expire in a few days. Unfortunately, if we don’t have a valid card, we will have to cancel your subscription when this payment cycle ends.

If you’ve got 30 seconds, would you mind updating your payment information?

Update Now

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

Thanks so much!

The failed payment reminder email

Hi [Name],

We just tried to charge your credit card for your subscription renewal at [Product], however, it failed.

This typically happens due to a change in your credit card number, card expiration, card cancellation, or the bank not recognizing the payment and taking action to prevent it.

To ensure you don’t experience any interruption of your service, please update your credit card details, and we’ll give it another try. You should be able to do it in less than a minute by clicking here: [link to the update page].

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please visit our Help Center, call us at [number], or start a chat with our customer support team. We’re here to help!

As always, thanks for being a [Company] customer.


Account cancellation reminder email

Hi [Name],

We just tried to process your [Product] subscription payment for the third time, but unfortunately, it failed again.

Please update your payment information and we’ll be happy to keep your account active. It’s a one-step process and shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Update Your Card Now

If the next charge fails, your account will be canceled automatically. ☹

Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.


The upcoming event reminder email

Hey [Name],

We are less than two weeks away from the [Event Name] event where we’ll be talking about how to [achieve specific goals] as well as the latest trends in [industry].

We wanted to remind you that [Event Name] ticket prices go up on [date]. Be sure to snag your ticket before the price increases. After [date] tickets will increase to [price], so don’t miss out!

Register Today

Some of our speakers:

[Speaker 1 – short bio]
[Speaker 2 – short bio]
[Speaker 3 – short bio]

Event schedule:
[Event schedule details]

You can find more information on our event page. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Hope to see you there!

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Frequently asked questions

When should I send a reminder email?

There is no perfect time to send a reminder email as it will vary case by case. If you are reminding customers about the upcoming payment, trial expiration, or renewal of their subscription, it makes sense to notify them at least a week beforehand, as well as on the due date.

How many reminder emails should I send?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with reminder emails is to send a single reminder and hope for the best. If you want to convert more trial users or recover more revenue from failed payments, consider sending a series of emails including pre-reminders, due-date reminders, and reminder follow-ups.

What are the best practices for reminder emails?

Reminder emails should be short, simple, and provide only the right amount of context and level of detail without being overwhelming with unnecessary information. They should be written in a professional, yet friendly and polite manner – the key is finding the right balance between being persistent and pushy. Make sure to include an obvious call to action so that customers know exactly what is expected of them.

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