Replenishment email templates

Using replenishment email templates to sell to existing customers is one of the most effective and easiest ways to increase revenue and profitability for B2C businesses. Why? Because you’re 60-70% more likely to sell to a current customer, compared to the 5-20% likelihood of selling to a new prospect. As such, using replenishment email templates is a great addition to your sales strategy. These emails are timely, highly relevant, extremely efficient – and yet, one of the most often overlooked tools that eCommerce store owners can use to drive repeat purchases and improve sales.

What is a replenishment email?

A replenishment email is an email sent out to customers to remind them to restock on a certain product when it’s about to run out. It is an email marketing technique mostly used by companies that sell consumable goods that can be replenished (such as personal care and beauty products, food and beverages, vitamins and supplements, prescriptions, home cleaning supplies, pet food, etc.). 

Replenishment emails are triggered and sent automatically when it’s time to re-purchase items customers have previously bought (based on predictive data science). These types of emails can also be successfully used by brands selling non-consumable products that can eventually wear down (such as apparel and footwear), as well as subscription-based SaaS businesses.

Sephora replenishment email template
Sephora replenishment email template

Why send replenishment emails?

Listrack study found that replenishment campaigns have the highest click-to-open rate (53.6%) of any type of lifecycle marketing emails. In addition to that, according to Ometria, replenishment emails have an average open rate of 50-60%, an average click-rate of 40-50%, and an average conversion rate of 10-15%. This means replenishment emails are a golden opportunity for brands to generate recurring revenue by targeting customers who are most likely to re-purchase their products. 

How to make the most of replenishment email campaigns

  • Determine the right timing for your replenishment email campaigns taking into account critical factors like who uses the product, how often they are using it, how long before it typically runs out, the customer’s buying habits, etc. Consider surveying your customers to get as much information as possible to ensure you get the timing right.
  • It’s recommended to send at least two replenishment emails. The first reminder should arrive about 10 days before the product is scheduled to run out, while the second one should be sent the day before or on the day you believe the product actually runs out. Customers who don’t replenish can then further be engaged in win-back email campaigns.
  • Make the replenishment process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Link directly to a customer’s shopping cart with the product already added, and offer automated replenishment, if available. The fewer clicks the customer has to make to re-order, the better. 
  • If there are any relevant upsell or cross-sell opportunities, consider including personalized product recommendations that align with your customers’ interests or needs, based on the data from previous purchases. Doing so can improve your customer’s experience while increasing their order value. 
How to make the most of replenishment email campaigns - App - Uploads - 2021 - 01 - Clinique Replenishment Email Template.jpg
Clinique’s replenishment email template urges customers to buy two bottles of shaving cream

Replenishment email subject lines

  • Time to Restock/ Reorder
  • Is It Time to Refill?
  • Is It Time to Stock Up On [Products]?
  • It’s Time to Replenish!
  • Need a Refill?
  • Hey, [Name]! We Think You May Need a Refill
  • Ready to Top Up, [Name]?
  • Down to Your Last Drop?
  • Reorder [Product] Before You Run Out
  • Stock Up O’clock – It’s Time To Reorder Your [Product]
  • [Name], Running Low on Your [Product]?
  • Never Run Out of Your Favorites Again
  • Running Low? Re-order Your Favorites Before You Run Out
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Your Supply is Almost Out
  • You Are Almost Out of [Products]!
  • Did You Run Out of Supplies, [Name]?
  • Reaching the End of Your Supply? Re-up at [Brand]
  • Reorder Now for Free Delivery/ 15% Off/ Bonus Gift
  • Get Free Delivery/ 10% Off If You Replenish Now

7 replenishment email templates

Auto-replenishment program announcement template


Your life just got easier with Auto-Replenishment!

You’ve got a lot of things on your mind, but remembering to re-order your [products] shouldn’t be one of them.

We’re excited to introduce our Auto-Replenishment program – the easier, automatic way to reorder your [products], inspired by your feedback. Once you enroll in Auto-Replenishment, we’ll automatically deliver a new supply of [products] straight to your door before you’re scheduled to run out, at no extra charge.


You’ll never have to manually reorder [products] after enrolling, and you can update your preferences at any time. We’re hoping that this service is just another way we’re making your experience with [Brand name] more convenient and personalized for you.

If you have any questions, please contact our live chat support or check out our FAQ page.


Personal care products replenishment email template

Nothing Lasts Forever.
(Fortunately, it’s easy to re-order).

Hi [Name], we’re just checking in to make sure you don’t run out of the products you love. It may be just about time to stock up.

Last time you ordered:

[Product 1]
[Product 2]
[Product 3]


You might want to grab our other best selling products as well!

[Recommended product 1]
[Recommended product 2]
[Recommended product 3]

Need help? Just contact us at [email], [live chat] or [number].

Beauty and makeup products replenishment email template

Restock Your Stash!


The secret to a successful beauty routine: never run out. If you’ve been taking your daily dose of [product], your one-month supply should be running dangerously low! Freshen up your beauty bag with a brand new [product]. Simply click, stock up, and keep glowing!


Never run out of your favorites again. Auto-replenish is a quick and easy way of receiving your favorite [Brand] products regularly, without having to go online or re-enter your order. You can easily opt-in to Auto-replenish via your [Brand] account.

Food supplies replenishment email template

Hello [Name],

We hope you enjoyed your last order at []. Here are some items that you have purchased that other customers have bought repeatedly. We thought that you might be interested in buying them again.

[Product 1]
[Product 2]
[Product 3]
[Product 4]


Here at [Brand name], we’re always on the lookout for the tastiest [products]. You might also enjoy these new arrivals:

[New product 1]
[New product 2]
[New product 3]
[New product 4]

Beverages replenishment email template

Hi [Name],

If your drinks cabinet is starting to look a bit bare, we’ve got one of your recent orders lined up for you to top up easily. Add something new to your order, or stick to your favorites.

[Product 1] – Buy now
[Product 2] – Buy now
[Product 3] – Buy now

Want the whole order again? Save yourself a few steps by logging in to your [Brand] account and heading straight to My Purchases. Select the past order you want and click Reorder. You can easily remove any unwanted items from your cart before you checkout.

Go to my account

Need help? Get in touch by email at [email address] or by phone on [phone number] (Monday – Friday **am – **pm.)

Supplements replenishment email template

Hi [Name],

Running low? Keep it up! Consistency is the key to good health!

We wanted to get in touch with you to make sure you have plenty of time to order [Product name] before your last bottle is empty.

[Product name] helps recharge and rebuild your body’s natural energy source. Reorder today and save 10% when you enter [discount code] at the checkout.


Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Pet products replenishment email template

Subject: Is [Pet name]’s bag almost empty?

Hey [Name],

Is [Pet name] enjoying the personalized blend you’ve created? We hope so! In fact, it may be time to place your next order, so [Pet name] continues to enjoy the blend that meets your [pet’s] nutritional needs.

[Number] days until the bowl is empty. Don’t let [Pet name] go hungry!


Order in the next 24 hours and shipping is on us.


Frequently asked questions

How long should a replenishment email be?

Sending replenishment emails is an effective way to inform customers about the remaining products. Doing this helps to increase website traffic, customer retention, and brand awareness.

What are the benefits of sending replenishment emails to customers?

Sending replenishment emails is an effective way to inform customers about the remaining products. Doing this helps to build customer retention, increases website traffic, and ultimately sales.

When should I send replenishment emails?

The timing is different for each product as well as a person. However, you can roughly determine this based on the previous purchases or the product. Moreover, make sure you send the email at a specific time of the day. Our recommendation is to send replenishment emails in the midweek, specifically midday. Anywhere from 10 am to 3 pm is preferred.

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