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Planning an event, be it in-person or online, takes a lot of time and effort. You need to find a venue (either a physical location or an internet host/platform), secure speakers and/or exhibitors, come up with a schedule, and create a marketing strategy in order to reach as many people as possible, among many other tasks. 

The last point is particularly important because there is one thing that absolutely every event needs in order to be successful, and that is guests. This means that it is absolutely essential to send a well-thought-out event invitation email to your audience in order to get as many people as possible to “répondez s’il vous plaît” (RSVP) or “please respond” to confirm their attendance.

RSVPs should be a part of a webinar confirmation email or other confirmatory messages regarding any in-person or online event.

 Salon Biz RSVP email template
Salon Biz RSVP email template

How to create an effective RSVP email

There are several elements of an invitation email that will contribute to making it successful in securing RSVPs:

  1. Email sender name – if the recipients don’t know who an invitation is from then they’re unlikely to RSVP, so set the sender name to that of the company or use a personal name and include the company name in the subject line instead.
  2. Header logo – this can remind the reader about who the message is from if they happen to miss the sender’s name. Moreover, featuring it prominently in your invitation emails can help build brand awareness.
  3. Brand identity – using consistent company colors, fonts, images, and style (as well as the header logo) in all of your communication will also help build awareness and trust that can, in turn, increase the long term ROI of your events due to many RSVPs. 
  4. Preview text – make use of the “sub-subject line” to grab your audience’s attention.
  5. Footer signature – finish your RSVP email in the way that it began, with your brand’s name, logo, and colors, as well as links to your website and social media profiles for an extra chance to persuade recipients to attend your event.
Email template customization
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RSVP email subject lines 

  • Join us at the upcoming [company] [conference/webinar]!
  • Don’t miss out, RSVP for our [subject] event now
  • See you at the [event name] next [week/month]?
  • Everyone is talking about the [name] awards…
  • Mark your calendar for the [company] team building event
  • You are invited for a fun [morning/afternoon/day] off work!

RSVP email templates

RSVP email template 1 – conference/webinar invitation

Hi [name],

The next [company] [weekly/monthly/annual] [conference/webinar] will take place on [date].

With a great list of speakers covering a range of [subject]-related topics, we’re sure that this event will be our most rewarding yet.

There will be presentations that you won’t want to miss from:

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3…

For more information, including a full schedule, visit the dedicated [conference/webinar[ website here [link].

Don’t forget to confirm your attendance in advance in order to receive your [event pass/link to video stream]:


Best wishes,
The [company] team

RSVP email template 2 – awards event invitation

Dear [name],

As a valued [customer/team member], you are hereby cordially invited to celebrate the [name of the ceremony] awards with us at [location] on [date].

You can expect a great evening with [activity] and [food/drink] besides the awards ceremony itself, so it promises to be an exciting event!

There will be awards for multiple categories in the field of [subject], including:

Awards category 1
Awards category 2
Awards category 3…

For more details about the event, including a full list of nominees and categories, visit the event’s website [link].

We hope to see you there! All you need to do is RSVP by clicking on the button below:

[Confirm your attendance]

Kind regards,
[Name] from [company]

RSVP email template 3 – team building event invitation

Hey [name],

The [company] team has been busy planning our [quarterly/bi-annual/annual] team-building with the hope of making this event our most successful so far!

On [date] at [time] all [department] staff are invited to leave their work for [period] to get to know each other better whilst taking part in some fun activities, such as:

Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3…

There will be no formal dress code for the day, so feel free to wear casual clothes for a more comfortable [morning/afternoon/day]. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We look forward to seeing you there! Just RSVP [link] beforehand so we can accommodate the correct number of attendees.

Best, [company] HR staff

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Frequently asked questions

How long should an RSVP email be?

Just like with most types of emails, event invitations should be short and sweet in order to maintain the attention and interest of the reader. Get to the point with the important details of the event, such as the date, location, and key speakers/exhibitors/activities, while encouraging people to attend at the same time. Don’t forget to include the all-important call-to-action (CTA) for making the actual reservation!

What should an RSVP email contain?

While the copy of invitation emails needs to be functional, as described above, it also needs to be interesting enough to convince recipients to RSVP to your event. The email should also contain details about where and when it will take place while describing the benefits of attending the event. You can do this by considering what your audience is looking for in such an event. Make it sound interesting enough to convince them to attend while focusing on the unique selling points. Once again, don’t forget the RSVP CTA.

Should I use plain text for an RSVP email?

A picture really does tell a thousand words, particularly when describing aspects such as the location and venue of what should be an exciting event. Rich media like images and videos are likely to encourage recipients to RSVP more than anything you can possibly write, hence the answer to this question is essentially a firm “no”.

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