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Many companies are working extremely hard to increase their online presence. They are also doing their best to use new channels that the Internet and today’s digital era offer: social media, emails, forms, landing pages, and other marketing and communication tools. But do these tools replace over-the-phone and face-to-face communication with customers, stakeholders, or partners?

The answer is no. Phone calls are an important relationship aspect between companies and their (potential) customers. Thus, this article outlines how you can leverage email marketing to arrange calls with clients.

Millions of emails go in and out of salespeople’s inboxes every day. You need to know how to send the perfect email so that your message doesn’t get lost in the clutter. This is especially true if it’s a call invitation that you’re sending to an important customer. 

Why is inviting customers for calls important

Some argue that conventional communication forms like phone calls are outdated. Authors of these opinions tend to forget about some determining factors in communication. They include immediacy, expressions, tones of voice, and pauses… These cues convey messages and important information that would be lost through digital communication. Nothing can replace dialogue and direct conversation between people (at least for the time being.) Throughout the recent pandemic, video calls have become an important part of day-to-day communication. Therefore, you can also send a Zoom meeting invitation to see your respondent face-to-face.

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LiveAgent enables you to video call with clients

You can set up plans with them, ask them for a confirm rsvp, and if needed, change time and date. Call invite templates will help you do all that. But let’s get to the subject lines first.

Call invite email template subject line examples

  • Let’s talk, [name]
  • [name], are you ready for a quick chat?
  • Still struggling with [pain point]? Let’s discuss some solutions!
  • Let’s meet over the phone, [name]
  • We need to talk, don’t we?
  • Don’t miss out on our call
  • We’d love to hear from you – literally
  • Need a hand with [pain point]? Let’s hop on a call!
  • Let’s discuss your [issues] over the phone
  • We’d love to work with you, but we need to talk first
  • It’s all about talking to each other, right?
  • Up for a chat?

7 call invite email template ideas

Initial outreach call invite email template

Hey [first name]

My name is [name], and I work at [company].

We work with businesses like yours [company] to [overcome pain points/deliver benefits].

Are you the right person to discuss solutions to such issues? If not, could you connect me with the right person at your company to talk about this?

I’d love to get in touch with you or your colleague over the phone, as I really value human-to-human contact.

If that would be possible, click this link to schedule a call [link] — choose a time and date that suits you the most!

[name & company]

Follow-up for a call invite email

Hello [name],

It’s [name] from [company]. As I mentioned in my previous email, we help [company type] to [overcome pain points/deliver benefits].

I’m curious about how you handle [an issue that your product or service helps with] at [company].
We’re experts at [your expertise], and I’d love to show you what we have been working on recently.

Are you available for a short call this week? Click the link below to schedule your demo — choose a time and date that suits you the most!


[name & company]

Demo call invite email template

Hi [name],

Thanks for showing your interest in [product/service] — we’re excited to see you here!

Since you [visited our website/downloaded an ebook/commented on our social media profile], I bet that you’d like to learn more about our products.

Please click this link to schedule your demo [link] — choose a time and date that suits you the most!

We look forward to talking to you soon.

[name & company]

A call invite email template for clients reporting some issues

Hello [name],

I’ve noticed that you reported an issue [the matter of the issue/ticket no.]

I want to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

I think the quickest way to solve this is to schedule a quick [video] call so that I can walk you through [our dashboard/latest updates/new features] and help you with [pain point].

Click the link below to schedule a call with me:


[name & company]

Call invite email template for a possible upsell

Hi there [name],

You already use our [product/service], so I thought I should let you know about our new offer!

[new product/service] is available now, and many of our current clients have already [bought/tested] it. They love the results!

How about we hop on a quick call so I can show you how to make the most of [new product/service]?

Click the button below to book a call with me!


Talk to you soon,

Persuasive follow-up for a call invite email template

“Schedule a call?” call invite follow-up email template

Hello [contact name],

Are you still looking for a hand with [pain point]?

If you haven’t found answers to your questions, hit the button below to schedule a call. I can walk you through the solutions and show you exactly how we can help.


[name & company]

“Quick question” follow-up call invite email template

Hi [name],

Dealing with [pain point] can be a tough job sometimes.

If you tell me some of the biggest challenges that your company has faced recently, I can help you with them and deliver [value proposition].

We can discuss this over the phone, as I think it will be easier for both of us.

Just click this link [link] to schedule a call with one of our experts.

Take care,
[name & company]

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Frequently asked questions

How often should I send call invite emails?

The frequency of communication with your existing or prospective clients should be adjusted to a specific campaign, the urgency of an issue, or the value of a potential deal. In any case, remember not to flood your contacts with emails and call invites. Otherwise, your communication may appear spammy.

Should I suggest the time and date of the phone call in a call invite email?

You can mention what time and date works best for you. However, you should leave it to your prospective or existing customers to decide when they want to hop on a call with you.

Should I mention where I obtained a contact’s phone number from?

In general, it depends on the privacy laws in a particular country or state. Usually, you don’t have to mention it, but it is good practice to inform your contact how you obtained their details even if they don’t ask about it. However, If they do ask you, you should give them an honest answer.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t get in touch with people who haven’t expressed a willingness to be contacted by your company.

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