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Customer communication management software

Communication plays a fundamental role in all aspects of business. When properly managed, innovative customer communication shapes brand identity and substantially contributes to meaningful and lasting relationships with customers.

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What should you know?

Companies need to communicate with their customers for a variety of reasons. To keep their audience informed and engaged, organizations use a wide range of communication channels and methods such as emails, text messaging, live chat, voice calls, social media and more.

Innovative communication solutions are cloud based platforms that offer tightly integrated capabilities, which in turn enable you to provide strong, consistent, positive customer experiences. Providing these consistent experiences is a challenge for most businesses as customers get more tech savvy and less forgiving of subpar interactions.

Why should you use a customer communication management software?

Nowadays, customers expect personalized, quick, and knowledgeable service. Let’s take a look at some key e-commerce stats and trends from 2019:

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Customer churn

41% of consumers switched companies over poor personalization.

Customer churn

Bigger spending

48% of customers spend more when their experience is personalized.

Bigger spending

Irrelevant content

74% of people hate being shown irrelevant content.

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Why CCM software?

To summarize, effective customer management communication implies delivering highly customer-specific, relevant communications through channels that customers prefer. To provide such personalized, centralized, and streamlined experiences, teams involved in customer communications need advanced tools.

Customer communication management software is a communication and collaboration application that enables companies to manage a high volume of outbound and inbound customer communications across a range of channels. It is a significant part of customer service software systems that ensures customer-facing communications are relevant, responsive, consistent, and based on data gathered from past experiences.

Advanced customer communication management platform

LiveAgent’s fully-featured customer communications management software is designed to unify numerous contact channels and ensure cross-channel consistency. LiveAgent’s all-in-one help desk solution provides companies with a single view of customer interactions, maintains a clear record of all relevant data, and integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise applications and systems to ensure highly personalized customer experiences.

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Who uses CCM software?

According to a recent Market Guide for CCM by Gartner, CCM solutions are primarily used by industries like insurance, banking, healthcare, and utilities to generate communications such as invoices, statements, correspondence, or alerts/notifications.

Customer communication management is widely used by organizations for marketing and billing purposes, so as a rule of thumb, customer communications management software is owned by product marketing, sales, and support teams. 

Key features of the best customer communication management software

When choosing a customer communications management software, it’s important to take note of the key features it offers. The software should enable you to personalize the way your company engages with its customers and deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time.

Key features of the best customer communication management software

Cross and multi-channel consolidation

When looking for the best customer communication management solution, expect it to deliver clear, flawless, and consistent customer experiences across all channels (via phone, live chat, email, and social media.)

Cross and multi-channel consolidation

Shifting over to cloud based services

Another important requirement of modern business is functionality designed with process optimization in mind. Platforms that are based on cloud or hybrid solutions solve this challenge and reduce high maintenance costs of legacy and homegrown CCM systems.

Shifting over to cloud based services

Two way communication

Modern CCM software should support inbound and outbound communication, with all customer records stored in one place. Companies expect to view and manage all customer data in a single, easily accessible, and convenient location.

LiveAgent’s advanced CCM solution

LiveAgent provides a fully-featured solution designed to manage customer communications. Using LiveAgent, your team will be well equipped to generate, distribute, and track communications. The high tech customer communications management platform provides a highly tailored experience that integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise applications and systems. If you are looking for the top ccm software to improve brand recognition and increase customer retention, give LiveAgent a try. With its powerful feature package designed to maximize call center operational efficiency, LiveAgent is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020.

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Check out more key features

In addition to the features above, a great customer communication management software should also include powerful authoring tools and customer engagement analytics. Check out more key features that a powerful CCM software should include by clicking the button below.

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Powerful authoring tools

More and more businesses choose to use a dedicated CCM solution with built-in functionality to create and manage key content elements within their communications. Most advanced CCM solutions today provide a highly powerful authoring or editing experience and enable nontechnical business users to update communications with no compromise on quality and time.

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Customer engagement analytics

Data analytics is an essential feature for customer communications management software because it lets companies gather metrics for key business functions (most responsive channels, ticket volume, resolution rates, cost per touch). This information provides businesses with intelligent data-driven insights to support revenue growth and profitability.

Customer communication management software FAQs

What is a customer communication management software?

Customer communication management software or shortly ccm software enables your business to effectively deal with any customer inquiries. How? Well, the customer communication management platform unifies all your communication in one interface. For instance, Email, Live Chat, Calls, Forum, SoMe, Knowledge base inquiries, etc. Moreover, the customer service features help your agents provide a seamless CX. As a result, it can lead to improved customer relationships, revenue, and overall customer satisfaction.

How do you communicate with customers?

Nowadays, customers communicate on multiple channels. Therefore, it is important to be present and respond on each platform. For example, Live Chat, Email, or Calls. But, how do you effectively communicate with them? Besides having a help desk solution, which benefits your business to a great extent, you should always greet the customer, introduce yourself, let the customer speak/write without interruption, apologize if needed, and please be polite.

Why is customer communication important?

Successful customer communication can be a huge differentiator for your business. It can literally make you stand out from your competitors. Customers want to feel heard and want to be appreciated. Having effective and efficient communication can build long-term relationships, which results in higher sales too.

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