Who is an assignee?

An assignee is a person to whom an assignment is made. This person is responsible for carrying out the assignment.

In LiveAgent, an assignee is an agent that has been assigned to a ticket. Once the ticket has been assigned to the agent, they are responsible for resolving, or escalating it.

Assignment in LiveAgent

Tickets can have various forms. In LiveAgent, all customer interactions are processed via ticketing software. No matter the communication channel from which the interaction originates, all tickets arrive in the universal inbox. From there, agents can assign tickets to themselves, or other agents or the tickets can be assigned using automation.

Once an agent takes ownership of the ticket, they are responsible for contacting the customer, carrying out any action needed to successfully resolve the issue, and providing the best customer service possible.

Having an agent assigned to each ticket makes it easier to provide a consistent, personalized experience to the customers, monitor agent productivity, keep up with company goals, and provide overall better customer service.

Frequently asked questions

What does the term assignee mean?

An assignee is a person to whom something is assigned under the contract. In LiveAgent, it is the agent that is assigned to a given customer and is responsible for a specific ticket. This also makes it easier to navigate your way through ticketing software using filtering, tags, etc.

What are the permissions of an assignee?

The assignee is fully responsible for the ticket to which he is assigned, so he can contact the client, as well as create reports and act within the ticket for which he is responsible. Different ticketing software solutions allow you to assign different permissions to agents, so they can carry out their tasks efficiently.

How to access the list of assignees in LiveAgent?

The administrator and the owner have access to the list of assignees in LiveAgent. Thanks to this, they can filter by specific assignees and receive precise information about the tickets they handle.

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