Facebook ticketing

What is a Facebook ticketing?

Almost all brands have a social connection associated with their original website. It is easier for customers to connect through social applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A lot of the brands get questions on these social accounts that have been linked to their help desk. When the page receives any comments or queries of the social account, the Facebook page generates a ticket which gets automatically sent to the help desk of the company. From there, the agents can respond to the messages and help their customers, which will come in the form of comments on the Facebook page.

Facebook connection

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Frequently asked questions

How does Facebook ticketing work?

If the customer can connect to the brand via Facebook, the system should be able to create tickets directly from Facebook. This works so that the page that receives comments or inquiries from the social media, the Facebook page generates a ticket that is automatically sent to customer service. Agents can then reply to messages and comments on the Facebook page directly from their system.

How to use Facebook ticketing for customer satisfaction?

Ticketing from Facebook can have a big impact on customer satisfaction. Thanks to automatic notifications about new comments, posts or messages, you have the chance to respond instantly on social media. Then you don't need to add special moderators to the customer service team, because agents have all inquiries in one place and do not have to switch between channels. In addition, replies to comments are also seen by friends of specific customers, which also helps build their awareness.

Does LiveAgent offer Facebook ticketing?

LiveAgent offers ticketing from Facebook thanks to full system integration. If your company has multiple sites, LiveAgent allows you to monitor multiple sites. In addition to replying to messages, posts and comments, you can archive conversations with customers in tickets, agents do not mess with their private lives and display notifications on their Facebook profiles. In addition to this, you can also integrate the system with Instagram, which belongs to the Facebook team.

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