Live online chat

What is a live online chat?

Live online chat is a type of communication over the Internet. It is a communication between customers and customer representatives in real-time through a built-in online chat.

When customers click on a chat button placed on the company’s website, they can start communication. Through online live chat, customer representatives are able to send answers faster and easier. The fast communication and immediate access to help can increase customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

What does a live online chat mean?

Live online chat is a technology that allows users to interact with businesses in real-time through a widget on a website or in-app communication. This allows for an immediate response to the customer's needs, supporting them and providing them with information about the services and products offered by the company.


What are the must-have features of a live online chat?

The essential features of the live chat services are availability and quick response from customer service. The chat window should be available on every page of your company or product page. Functions of a live chat that are especially useful include the ability to send photos and files that allow the customer to portray the problem more accurately. In addition, the agents' knowledge is extremely important, as well as their communication skills.


Does LiveAgent provide a live online chat?

LiveAgent offers free online live chat software. It has one of the fastest widgets on the market that allows you to respond very quickly. You can adjust the chat according to your needs - by properly configuring and adjusting the language. In addition, it offers a free ticket sales system with a universal recipient inbox, call center and customer portal.


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