Live web chat

What is a live web chat?

Live web chat is a type of web-based communication that happens in real-time. People that utilize live web chat can exchange text messages, photos, videos, links, GIFs, and emojis.

With live chat agent or other customer service employees can communicate with you directly and in real time. This allows for a greater level of personalization and better customer engagement.

What is a live web chat?

How can I get live chat on my website?

Live web chat does not require any additional chat software to be utilized, and therefore users do not have to waste time installing any type of software to start chatting. Live web chat is easy to use and accessible to everyone. However, to add chat to your website, you’ll need to invest in live chat software. To learn more about the benefits of utilizing live chat software, check out this link.

How do I create a live chat?

If you want to enable your website visitors to start chatting with your support agents, you’ll need to place a live chat button/widget on your website. Check out this step-by-step guide to get started.

Why is live chat important?

Most businesses these days utilize live web chat as a channel for instant communication with customers because it is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective method for converting website visitors into paying customers.

What are the benefits of live chat?

Not only do businesses love utilizing live web chat, but customers do too! Customers love utilizing live chat because generally, they’ll have their questions answered much sooner than if they called or emailed your company. Therefore, the main benefit of live chat is speed and efficiency in customer service. If you need additional help with improving your customer service, consider investing in a help desk software.

Frequently asked questions

What does live web chat mean?

Live web chat is software that allows visitors to a company's website to quickly communicate with the support team. It is convenient for both a company that can easily implement a chat on their website. You do not need to use additional downloadable software to enable a live web chat – everything happens on the website, so a web browser is enough.


What are the types of live web chat?

There are three main types of live web chat. The first is the informational chat which is the most basic type. Its job is to provide information and answer questions from site visitors. The second type is a sales chat where the customer can get a product recommendation. Agents should then be characterized by knowledge and sales skills. The last type of chat is customer service, i.e. it is based on helping customers with their problems related to the purchase of the product, or with the product and service itself.


Can you use live web chat using LiveAgent?

With LiveAgent you can use live internet chat. Thanks to this, clients can contact agents in real time and get an answer to their question. LiveAgent's live chat is freely configurable and also has an option to upload files that allow the customer to better visualize the problem.


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